A Medieval Engraving showing the Witch of Endor with King Saul and Samuel


The Witch of Endor is considered to be one of the oldest Elders in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.  According to Scathach, the Witch of Endor, or Dora as she likes to be known, is the original Witch.  She is Scathach's grandmother and an original inhabitant of Atlantis.  Many ages ago, she left the island nation to help humankind.  She is shown in flashbacks as having lived many years, having encountered several of the Immortal humans in the series.  She also was with Prometheus when he bestowed fire to mankind.  She is also a master of Air Magic, and at the request of Flamel bestows her knowledge of Air Magic to Sophie Newman in the form of wrapping her in her knowledge like a mummy. 

In the Alchemyst, Dora is an inhabitant of the city of Ojai, California, running a souvenir store.  When Scathach shows up with the twins and Flamel in tow, she is initially reluctant to bestow all of her knowledge on Sophie, but does so anyway.  Before Dee can catch the twins, Flamel, and Scathach, she puts through a mirror that sends them to Paris before her shop explodes.

In the Magician, Dora survives the explosion and contacts the Comte de St Germain to come help Flamel and the twins.  Joan of Arc helps Sophie sort through all the Witch's memories so they are easier for her to process.


In all of literature, the Witch of Endor is only briefly referred to in the Biblical book of First Samuel, when King Saul seeks her to call up the dead spirit of the Biblical prophet Samuel.  In this guise, she is more evil then in the series.