The Crow Goddess is in some ways like Hekate, in the sense that she has one body with three "faces". The difference is that Hekate is aged differently throughout the day, while the Crow Goddess actually has three personalities. This is why this page is split up.

The Morrigan Edit


The Crow Goddess, the Morrigan

In The Alchemyst, Dr. John Dee summons The Morrigan to capture Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel. She only succesfully captures Perenelle. Nonetheless, Dee puts her on Alcatraz Island, which his company bought a few months earlier, planning to use it as a prison again, and which has a sphinx, who can drain people's auras, roaming it.

In The Enchantress, The Macha and Badb revealed that the Morrigan had been keeping them locked inside of the Crow Goddess's body for centuries.

The Macha & Badb Edit