Palamedes is a Saracen knight who served personally as a Knight of the Round Table in the days of King Arthur.  He was also present at the battle when Mordred and Arthur were killed by Cerunnos.  He is described as being extremely muscular with dark brown skin.  He resides in a junkyard like environment with William Shakespere and the Torc Madra, a group of hound to man shapechangers who are more commonly known as Gabriel Hounds.  His home is easily hidden due to the fact that he has bought many blocks of land surrounding the junkyard.  He possesses an olive green aura and emits the scent of cloves when he uses his magic.

In The Sorceress, Palamedes is the one who the Comte contacts to help Flamel and the twins.  Even though he has agreed to help them, Palamedes does not trust Flamel.  A heated argument ensues in which the twins learn more about Flamel and Perenelle's quest for the twins and that they are not the first twins that they have found.  Palamedes then takes them to the junkyard, where they encounter William Shakespere.   Flamel and Palamedes nearly get in a scrape again, but are distracted when Cerunnos and the Wild Hunt attack.  Palamedes escapes with Flamel and the twins while Shakespere uses his magic to stop Cerunnos.  They pick up Gilgamesh and race to an old barn, where Palamedes defends the twins while Gilgamesh teaches them Water Magic.  Once the twins defeat Cerunnos, Palamedes leads them to Stonehenge, where Shakespere is waiting. They then fight the oncoming forces while the twins and Flamel escape back to California, upon which the hordes of the Wild Hunt vanish.


Palamedes was a Knight of the Round Table, originally a pagan from Saracen lands but eventually converted to Christianity.  He fell in love with Isolde, but came into conflict with another knight, Tristan, as a result.  Even after Tristan and Isolde got married, they still butted heads.