A Bust of Mars


Mars is one of the most ancient Elders.  He is known by the Witch of Endor, and is confused when Sophie Newman not only calls him by his name as Mars, but also as Ares and Nergal.  Mars was intially viewed by ancient humani as a savior, as he led the remnants of Atlantis out of ruin to begin a new life in the jungles of South America.  But eventually, for reasons unknown, Mars was placed under a curse by the Witch of Endor which encased him in armor that if he removed, would grow back from his skin very soon after.  In sleep, he was guarded by two demonic like figures, Phobos and Deimos.  He slept for many years in the catacombs of Paris, and was woken when Dee claim to request that he Awaken the powers of Josh Newman. 

In the Magician, when he is woken, Mars at first refuses to Awaken the powers of Josh, saying it is a heavy burden to bear.  Eventually, though, he agrees, and not only Awakens Josh's powers, but also grants him the power and tactics of a warrior.  When Flamel arrives, he utilizes the little bit of his power to encase Mars and his two minions in bone, escaping the catacombs.

In the Sorceress, Dee returns to Mars, and in exchange for information, promises to kill the Witch of Endor to lift the curse.


Mars is the Roman god of war, as is his Greek counterpart Ares the Greek God of War.  In both circumstances, he is a member of the Pantheon of Gods that are considered the greatest of all.